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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Get your Business into the Media

Welcome to My Blog! There are LOTS of ways to expand your Business no matter how small that it is.
If you're looking to get your Business into the Spot light outside of just selling online in a shop or two then stay tuned!

This is no shocker when I say that you can get seen in Newspapers, Magazines and even on Television.
How you ask? just have to do some digging, do your research. a lot of people think Media Advertising is "Expensive" and they run the other way. NOT TRUE. Ask your local Radio Stations if they have Programs that can let you do Bargaining.  they will work with small business.  this is not something that they advertise, you just gotta ask. This is exchange for your products for Advertising with them. This is How I got on the Radio running Radio Commercials since 2008. and how did they find me? they found my Business
Norma's Bath and Body Business card on a Bulletin Board! that's right.. ya gotta advertise this way too. so I now run around up to 15 pre recorded Radio commercials per month around 30 seconds and I DON'T pay a dime. it's just a trade in, so talk to your local radio stations in the area.

For those of you who rather be in the Newspaper and want to advertise your business, then talk to an editor in your area. I had my Business in the paper Twice without paying a Cent! Some things just come to you without much effort, but NOT always the case. I advertised my business cards on again... a Bulletin Board and had not one Newspaper Interview since 2004, but Two Interviews. when you're the newest Gal in Business, then the Editors are looking for a story, something new.. fresh and different. they are curious about your New Business, and they will interview you free. you can also advertise in your local newspapers for a small fee.

I've always wanted to advertise in Magazines, but Jeez Louise.. they are NOT cheap! I've heard that you can just email them and shoot them a short unique story about your work and even submit a pic of your work. some may even respond back and Help you get your foot in the door at a small cost. I've been doing this for a long time with no success yet.. But I'm not giving up!!

You want to think even bigger? want to hit the Big Television Screen? Nothing happens unless you dream Big, and dream the Impossible. yes.. I'm talking  to you!  check out:
1) Qvc.Com 

you can apply to sell there. get ready for BIG inventory though!

Also check your Local Television Stations in your area because many may have programs to help you get a
small television spot in for a reasonable fee. have to dig.

Also, you can do online search and type in " free advertising" or
"Free advertising" for the city that you live in. I've advertised everywhere online WITHOUT paying a cent. is it time consuming? Yes, it is, but keep at it because sooner or later it's gonna pay off for you.

And for those of you who wants to write their own Book, it can be done. I've also wanted to write Books about "Business" to help others. maybe one day (Wink!) 

Click on the link below to see media video!